It snowed ❆


It snowed in Karuizawa last weekend. The first snow of the season fell in mid-November, but it did not pile up and the ground did not turn white.

This time, a little snow was piled up. It melted by noon, but I felt winter in the morning.

I wonder if there is a lot of snow this season. I’m really looking forward to seeing the glittering snow scene with the mountains and trees covered in pure white snow.

The snow scene is very beautiful, but if you come by car to Karuizawa, please be careful about freezing snowy roads and roads.


In the evening, I was fascinated by the beautifully colored sky with mysterious clouds.


In 2020, the Karuizawa hiroshi senju museum will be open until the 25th. The museum will be closed in winter from December 26th to the end of February. There are only two weeks left until the 25th. There are only a few left, but please enjoy.