Message to all of you

We are working to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus(COVID-19) and are taking into consideration the safety of our customers and staff. We apologize for the inconvenience and inconvenience caused to the visitors, but we would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

In addition, if requested by the local government, it is assumed that it will be temporarily closed again. Please check the website for temporary closure information before using.

【To customers】

・Please wear a face mask on the museum grounds.
(Please be careful about heat stroke)
(Except infants under 2 years old)
(If you are allergic to face masks, please use a handkerchief, etc.)
・Please refrain from people with cold-like symptoms.
・Please wash your hands frequently and disinfect your hands.
・Please keep a distance of 2m from other people.
・During times of congestion, some facilities may be closed or admission may be restricted.

[Our response]

・The places where human hands and fingers touch inside the facility are regularly disinfected.
・We have installed a hand antiseptic solution.
・Our staff members will wear a face masks to protect visitors and staff from infection.
・Equipment to prevent splash infection will be installed at the reception and cash register.