Color Leaf Garden

Color Leaf Garden

Another pleasure for the art museum is a color leaf garden surrounding the art museum. This garden is set up around the art museum which is in cooperation with color trees, leaves and plants inside of the art museum planted in big and small all glass-walled stairwell spaces. More than 150 kinds of colorful color leaf plants are grown on the site.

The time to see the color leaf garden

The best time to see the leaf garden is a period approximately from in the middle and at the end of May to the beginning of October when all the leaves and plants vividly grow. Many kinds of leaf colors and flowers in bloom change from summer to early fall and even regular visitors can enjoy and never get bored the sceneries for each season.

When changing a season from late fall to winter, we can especially enjoy looking at indeciduate conifers spotted in the garden sparkling in yellow and silver blue, red branches after defoliation, oranges, Cornus albas, Cornus stolonifera Flaviramea and sparkling white of birch jacqemontii, then the scenery will change to winter garden.

Approximately from in the middle or at the end of May to June

The season of colorful color leafs vividly acting together

Approximately from July to at the beginning of October

The season of trees change each month and flowers show us attractive expressions

Approximately in the middle of October to at the beginning of May

The season of winter garden filled with yellow, red and silver blue