We are holding the 7th Karuizawa Oiwake Photo Exhibition.


The 7th “Karuizawa Oiwake Photo Exhibition” is currently being held at the Hiroshi Senju Museum Gallery in Karuizawa until May 15th (Sun). The exhibition content allows you to feel the rich nature and daily life of Shinshu through photographs. Please take this opportunity to visit. We si

Waterfall on Colors” will be held from March 2❣


⛄ The museum is currently closed for the winter. ❄The warm sunshine during the daytime gradually began to melt the snow that had accumulated on the monuments. ❄The pathway leading to the museum is covered with a blanket of fresh snow. The snow glistening on the ice trees and occasionally dancing in

(日本語) ❄冬期休館のお知らせ


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“Karuizawa Senju Museum 10 Years of Trajectory Exhibition” will be held until December 25th 🦌


❄ Winter has come to the color leaf garden ❣ The number of mornings when the temperature drops below 0 ° C is increasing. If you think it’s cold, there are frost columns everywhere on the premises of the museum! The size of the frost columns varies from small to long, over 5 cm. If ...

We feel the sign of winter.


Autumn has come to an end and the mornings and evenings are getting colder. Winter is just around the corner. After dropping the colorful leaves, the Color Leaf Garden has begun to prepare for winter.  HIROSHI SENJU  MUSEUM KARUIZAWA is holding the ”  10 Years of Trajectory Exhibition” u