● Rental of Wheelchair

4 wheelchairs are available free of charge in this museum site.Please offer the receptionist if needed.



Art museum with undulating floors and an exhibition space filled with natural light. Depending on the congestion situation, Visitors can go around the hall in about 30 minutes.


Short-term exhibitions and events are held from time to time. Themes are not limited to one genre, as our gallery aims to inform various arts and culture. We hope you'd visit our exhibition after the museum.

Cafe, Shop building

Bakery Café

Enjoy an assortment of refreshments, as well as bread from Karuizawa’s venerable boulangerie, “Asanoya.”
Bakery Café ASANOYA  TEL +81 267 46 0211


We have variety of museum original goods, books wrote by Hiroshi Senju, as well as interior accessories related to color leafs.

Color Leaf Garden

This garden is set up around the art museum which is in cooperation with color trees, leaves and plants inside of the art museum planted in big and small all glass-walled stairwell spaces.

See the seasonal flowers