Japanese pampas grass swaying in the autumn breeze


Japanese pampas grass is blown by the autumn breeze and is shaking. Such autumn-like scenes have come to be seen everywhere in the garden of this museum.

Speaking of Japanese pampas grass, it is a decoration of the full moon night and a plant that imagines autumn in Japan.

I’m really looking forward to the time of autumn leaves. There are many spots with beautiful autumn leaves in Karuizawa. When you come to our museum, why don’t you visit the spots for autumn leaves as well?


“Siki amano Painting Exhibition” held at the gallery is about 10 days left.

It will be held until October 5th. You can meet works full of world view with the theme of COSMOS (space). Siki amano, who creates fantastic works, may also be in the gallery ^^ If you haven’t seen it yet, please go out.

You can enter the gallery for free.

The weather got worse and it became cold all at once. Wear warm clothes when you come to Karuizawa.