The arrival of autumn


A small diameter leading to the entrance of the museum. The greenery on both sides makes you feel excited about the way to the museum. When you pass through the greenery and enter the museum, you will see a feeling of liberation in front of you.

cercis canadensis”Heart of Gold” . It is a very popular tree that customers often ask about the variety name. It has a strong presence in various places such as the color leaf garden and the courtyard of the museum. It features large heart-shaped leaves with beautiful leaf colors.

The golden shining new leaves turn bright yellow-green in summer. Currently, the leaf color is gradually changing to yellow. Please enjoy the leaf color of the current Heart of Gold.

“Sea anemone” which was introduced as “flower that tells autumn” before. The buds began to open in late August and many flowers were in full bloom. In the color leaf garden, most of them are pale pink sea anemones, but I was also able to find dark pink and white Japanese sea anemones. Want to find it? color. Compare the difference in petals.

It’s about to be Silver Week. Do you have any plans? The heat has eased and it has become easier to spend. Good holiday.