Change of season


[Japanese anemone] This pretty flower bloom is one of the representative flowers that announce autumn. It was still hot, so I was wondering if autumn would be far away, but the “flower that tells autumn” seems to tell me that autumn is approaching.


[Ligularia dentata] A flower with an eye-catching color introduced the other day. Many buds have blossomed and have a stronger presence than before. A black swallowtail is sucking nectar.


[Lilliope Muscari] A flower blooms in the courtyard of the museum. The shape of the leaves is the same all year round. The stem went up and the flower bloomed. Please pay attention to this flower in the courtyard when you come to the museum. A small flower that blooms modestly colors the museum.


August is just a few days away. It is forecast that the weather will collapse and the temperature will drop next week. If you come to Karuizawa, I think that you will be able to spend comfortably if you have rain gear and haori.