Flowers that decorate the Color leaf garden in August


The second half of August. However, in the garden of the museum, the season of dazzling green continues. Karuizawa has a short summer, but I still can’t feel the sign of autumn.

◆”Hydrangea paniculata”which begins to bloom when the other hydrangeas are over, is also called a “pyramid hydrangea” because of its pointed flower shape. Gorgeous with a perfect volume. The gradation of pale yellowish green and white is beautiful.


◆The buds have begun to open. The bright orange-yellow color is very eye-catching [Ligularia dentata] The leaves and stems are bronze. The contrast between the unusual leaf color and the orange-yellow flowers is beautiful. Ligularia dentata blooming here and there accents the garden


◆ [Hosta] It is everywhere in the garden. The leaves alone have a strong presence. At present, flowers are blooming one after another on straight stems. A lot of purple flowers are lined up and it is very refreshing. There are 13 types of hosta in this museum. Light yellow-green to dark green leaves. Solid color leaves and spots. From small leaves to large leaves. The same thing, the hosta looks different. Why not take a walk in the garden while comparing the differences


It’s still hot with the severe sunshine. The color leaf garden is cool because it is shaded by trees. I hope that you can take a pleasant walk in the sunlight through the trees.