Ten Year Anniversary Exhibition


It is supported by all of you and, thank you,  Hiroshi Senju Karuizawa Museum reaches the opening 10th anniversary until now in October, 2021.

We start a plan  ” Hiroshi Senju Karuizawa Museum  Ten Year Anniversary Exhibition ” on March 1, 2021.

It is the contents which can enjoy step of Hiroshi Senju and this museum from “六月の空” which Hiroshi Senju drew during Tokyo art university attendance at school (1978) to new work “冬の一隅” becoming this country first public exhibition (2020).

We are pushing forward preparations for holding now. We  look forward to the visit of many people heartily.

※We are doing March 1 with start time, but will tell you now as soon as it is fixed if there are postponement, a change of the held time by social conditions.