Flowers blooming in autumn


It rushed into November. It’s about two months left to leave this year. Karuizawa has become quite cold. Karuizawa has delicious air, but when it gets cold, the air becomes clearer.


In the garden of the Karuizawa Senju Museum, a mysterious flower bloomed.

It features cute rounded heart-shaped leaves. [Disanthus cercidifolius] Bright green leaves with variegation in spring and summer, and beautiful autumn leaves in autumn decorate the garden.

Disanthus cercidifolius is characterized by the time of flowering. Deciduous trees usually bloom before or at the same time as the shoots, but Disanthus cercidifolius begins to bloom around the fall of the leaves. Now, the autumn leaves are over, the leaves are falling, and many small, mysteriously shaped flowers like stars are in bloom. The plants that bloom during this period are rare, but they are also very unique and attractive in appearance.

[Japanese barberry] Currently, it bears red fruits. A long time ago, leaves and stems were decocted and used as an eye wash medicine. As the autumn leaves deepened, they ripened red and became bright and shiny fruits. It is a tree that blooms cute flowers in spring and bears red fruits in autumn, but it has surprisingly sharp thorns.

Find small autumn flowers, red and purple fruits, and red and yellow leaves in the museum garden.