The rainy season has come.


Karuizawa has entered the “rainy season”. Rainy weather continues. As the sun sets through the clouds, the greenery in the garden becomes more vibrant.

In the rain, plants bloom colorful flowers and add color to the garden. Hemispherical white with small flowers. Diabolo is a white flower that blooms in a deep purple leaf.

In front of the gallery, Kalmia buds have begun to open. Buds like Kinpeito produce white, pink, and bright crimson flowers.

In the small path leading to the museum, you will encounter “Utsugi,” which makes white pretty flowers bloom in the green. A faint sweet scent, and if you listen carefully, you will hear the small rustling noises that seem to be busy.

“Tradescantia Andersonia” is a beautiful contrast of bright purple and yellow stamens. It stands out in the rainy garden.

It gets a little cold in the morning and evening. It may be a good idea to bring a piece of feather fabric when you come to Karuizawa.